Kiitos Antti

This is a special message to Antti, my Friend from Finland.
You made me discover this wonderful phenomena. I remember the first day, when I arrived in your youth-hostel, in this little village, Kaamanen, 8 years ago. I was so tired by the long travel that I fell asleep very early. When suddenly, somebody knocked at my door. I woke up wondering where I was staying... You were calling me : "There are some northern lights!!" So, I dressed up very fast and ran outside. Something very strange was happening in the sky. Some curtains of light were moving slowly... Something I never saw, something so attractive! I stayed very surprised and facinated. I was discovering Revontulet. And now I wish to everybody to have the chance, one time in their life, to see this unexpected Nature. So, thank you Antti, Kiitos Paljon!!
And now I remember all those moments we shared together, as some of the best moments in my life, waiting for the lights to come again, and talking about everything and nothing, and at least staring at the Northern Lights.